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Hawks appoint Justin Tatum as permanent Head Coach

22 Feb
2 mins read

The Illawarra Hawks have appointed Justin Tatum as permanent Head Coach, effective immediately.  

Tatum has signed a three-year deal with the Hawks. 

The announcement comes as Tatum has led the Hawks to a 12-win and 7-loss record since stepping into the interim coach role, which saw the Hawks secure a top-four position in the upcoming NBL Final Series. 

“This is another important step in the right direction for the Club,” Hawks CEO Stuart Taggart said. “Stability and continuity, as well as performance, are critical for the Hawks as we continue to rebuild. Justin is offering us all of those things, and I am delighted that he has agreed to take on the permanent position for the next three years.” 

Mat Campbell, Hawks General Manager of Basketball said, “We are excited to recognise Justin’s success this year by elevating him permanently to the role of Head Coach. He has earned the respect of his team, the coaching staff and the fans in a relatively short period of time, so I am looking forward to seeing what he is able to achieve in the long term,” Campbell added. 

On accepting the role of Head Coach, Justin Tatum said, “I am grateful to the team, my assistant coaches and the management team at the Illawarra Hawks who have trusted in me since I took over in November. It’s a testament to the guys who stayed locked in.”  

“We have some strong momentum now that we will carry into the Finals, and I am just happy that all the people of the Illawarra will have the opportunity to support their team in a [Finals Series]. I’ve grown to love this place in a very short space of time. The whole team is so proud to represent this region, and we want to continue to bring the winning feeling back to the Illawarra,” he added. 


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