Featured News / August 3rd, 2017

Bevo’s Preseason Notebook

What have we been doing in the off-season??


It certainly has been a very long off-season where we finished playing in Perth on March 5 and plenty of you may be wondering what have we all be doing over the past few months so thought I would give a breakdown of what we all did.


After a couple of weeks of player exit meetings and a program reviews, it was time for us all to take much required time off.

With 7 players under contract and with the re-signing of Oscar Forman and Timmy Coenraad, for the first time in a long time I personally had an opportunity to have a good break.


In April, my family and I went on a 9 day cruise to New Caledonia which was absolutely fantastic…my off season plan to lose a few kilos and improve my health took a big hit with the amount of food and alcohol that was consumed!! Oh well, you only live once I say!! Lol

I then did some work camps and coaching conventions in The Philippines, Korea and China before getting back to finalising our roster!


Cookie had an opportunity to go back to the USA with his wife Josie to watch Xavier play for Winthrop in the NCAA tournament in Milwaukee and then catch up with his family in South Carolina.


Flinny the beach boy, did his usual fishing, surfing and skiing trips with his family and friends and has come back all chilled out and ready and raring to go!


AJ Ogilvy took a quick break to New Caledonia before taking up a short-term contract in Iran of all places before then heading over to the USA for another holiday.


The inseparable bossom buddies, Nick Kay and Mitch Norton went over to New Zealand to play at Southland Sharks in the New Zealand NBL league for 3 months, which ended in another Grand Final appearance.  They both also were invited to the Boomers camp where they both gained selection in the final team to participate in the Asian Cup in Lebanon.  I wonder if they will also room together while they are away???


After NZ, Nick went back to Tamworth for a short time to see his family and get back into singing country songs and playing his guitar before joining me on a trip with the NBL All Australian team.


Norto took his lovely girlfriend Sascha for a romantic holiday to Hawaii where they reacquainted themselves after being apart for a few months!


In every off-season, Oscar disappears on an adventurous trip somewhere in the world and this time he went hiking in the Grand Canyon with his brother to cleanse the soul.  He then came back to work fulltime with MCR and to support his heavily pregnant partner Gaia.  Oscar and Gaia are now proud parents of a beautiful little girl called Olivia.



The last two season, Rhys has headed back to the USA with Dani and their 2 girls to spend time with his wife’s family in different parts of USA.  I am sure Rhys would have done plenty of shooting and hunting while back there…he loves his guns! Lol


Cody Ellis headed back home to Perth with his wife and son where he has been working his butt off in the gym…he has lost several kilos and looks in really good shape and raring for a great season ahead.  He is currently playing with Stirling Senators in the WA SBL and will be playing in finals in coming weeks.


Timmy C has worked tremendously hard with building his Rebound Nutrition business and continues to teach and motivate kids about Healthy eating.  With now being a father of 3 kids his off-season has been very hectic but is loving life as a dad.


Rotnei left straight after the season to take up a short-term contract in Italy before heading back to the USA to spend time with his and PD’s family.  He also had an opportunity to go into training camp with Dallas Mavericks before running some of his own camps for kids.


Our other two imports “Big Mike” headed over to play in the Chinese NBL where he is totally dominating and Marvelle headed back to the USA to spend some quality time with his family after the passing of his father during the grand final series.


Last but not least, how could I possibly have forgotten Whitey?? (what an idiot I am!!)

Whitey had a small stint back in Bendigo as a fill in player for an import but has spent most of his off-season with his family in Sydney. He is currently doing some charity work up in the Northern Territory with underprivileged and indigenous kids in the community and will be back on deck at training next week.


That’s it for now and until next week’s update, take care!