Featured News / August 1st, 2017

Kidzwish Named Official Healthy Habits Partner


The Illawarra Hawks are pleased to announce The KidzWish Foundation as the Club’s official Healthy Habits Partner for the 2017/18 season.

KidzWish, now in their second year of partnering with the Hawks have transitioned to sponsoring the Club’s major community program which aims to increase awareness about the importance of individual health and how to apply healthy habits to children’s everyday life in an inclusive environment for all children.

Hawks General Manager Kim Welch said ‘last year our players were able to reach around 2,000 local primary school students and the program was extremelly well received. This year with the support of KidzWish our aim is to not only reach more children but also ensure the inclusion of underprivellaged kids and those with disabilities’.

Operating since 2004, KidzWish helps Illawarra & South Coast children who are sick, disadvantaged or have a disability providing them with speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, music/dance/sports programs and the KidzWish Children’s Christmas Party. While the organistion is a registered NDIS Service Provicer.

KidzWish Executive Director Chris Beaven said the partnership between the Illawarra Hawks is perfect partnership as we strive towards creating a more inclusive environment for local children who are sick, disadvantaged or have a disability so they don’t miss out on participating in healthy habits and sporting activities.

She said it’s important for all children to feel they are part of something that is bigger than themselves and to feel connected and supported. There are many practical ways to include people of all abilities in sport at a level of their choice whilst still maintaining the integrity of the activity.

“KidzWish, is helping local children via our three umbrella programs; Support Program (Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy), Love Programs (Sports Academy, Music & Dance) and Laughter Programs (Children Experiences and the KidzWish Children’s Christmas Party). Healthy Habits will come under our Love Programs,” Mrs Beaven said.

“Illawarra Hawks players will also assist in the delivery of our weekly KidzWish Sports Academy Program.”

The Illawarra Hawks along with KidzWish will be officially launching this year’s Healthy Habits Program at Dapto Primary School on Wednesday August 2nd at 1.45pm.

For more information and media opportunities Tim Fares on 0432 909 479 or tim.fares@hawks.com.au

For more information on the KidzWish Foundation or to make an online donation please visit –  http://KidzWishfoundation.org.au/

For more information on the Healthy Habits program or to register a school please visit http://www.hawks.com.au/healthy-habits/