Snakepit Kids Coaching on Tuesday afternoons

Starting from August 2015

Every Tuesday afternoon (dependent on game/travel commitments), two Illawarra Hawks players will be at the Snakepit to help coach junior teams.

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Right Choices Program – Established in 2009

Serviced over 4,000 students

The ‘Right Choices’ program is an adolescent Social Awareness Program that is delivered by the Hawks players and coaches. The program delivers a number of key messages on a range of social issues that affect young people in Secondary Schools across the region. The Hawks have invested in the personal development and health of adolescents living in the Illawarra.

Right Choices was written and is used in conjunction with the PD-H-PE syllabus and has the support of the Head Teachers and Principals of all Illawarra High schools. As professional Athletes we have the perfect opportunity to deliver a strong message to our youth about major health issues in the Illawarra. Lesson Structure will be based around the use of a wide range of educational strategies.

So you think you can play

In this whole school activity we bring a game night experience to your school. We bring our team to the school, play against your selected students in two 15 min halves in front of the school.

We will have someone on a microphone who will commentate; we introduce both teams to the crowd and play. There is also scope for half time entertainment if you have a dance troop etc.

We also can have a half time shoot out with some of the teachers / students who deserve special rewards. Our player on the mic will acknowledge students who deserve a special mention i.e academic awards or other sporting / community achievements.

Concludes with an autograph session.

Challenge Yourself Program

Hawks Players and Coaches Behavioural support program that has a focus on adolescent Risk Taking, Problem Solving and Goal Setting. This is a program that assists staff working in support units within schools. This program sets small behavioural goals for troubled students. Students who comply and achieve Players follow up there initial session with the delivery of tickets to come and watch them play. Program is flexible and diverse, ranging from school visits, game night experiences and adventure therapy

Hoop Dreaming Program

Hoop Dreaming is a school based program exclusive for Aboriginal and Torres Strait students developed and implemented by the Hawks. The program aims to be inclusive of social, mental, physical and cultural health.

The Hawks Hoop Dreaming program featuring local Indigenous Athlete Tyson Demos will have a primary objective on raising awareness about chronic lifestyle disease and encouraging indigenous students to make informed decisions related to health and physical activity earlier in life. The program also has an objective to motivate students to develop positive attitudes towards adopting a lifelong healthy habits and attending school. Major focus is closing the life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.